Wicked Awesome Server Winners

Posted September 30, 2021by Kelly Harris
Server wearing mask helping female diner

Thank you for all your nominations to date for the Wicked Awesome Server Award. This is an ongoing campaign, so please continue to keep those nominations coming! Just email info@tourismburlington.com with the name of the server/front line worker, the restaurant where they work and why you feel they are deserving. Each week we’ll be selecting one and recognizing them. They will win a prize pack from Nickel Brook Brewing which will contain their Wickedly Awesome IPA, a gift card to Mapleview Centre thanks to sponsorship from PV&V Insurance and a $25 gift card to the Downtown Burlington business of their choice thanks to our friends at the BDBA.

Meet Natalie, who is Wicked Awesome! Natalie is a server at The Martini House and was nominated by customers who said she was ‘next level’ when it came to service. They said Natalie was very friendly and clearly took SO MUCH pride in her work. She was warm and welcoming, and also very attentive. They ended their nomination by saying Natalie was top notch in her field! If that’s not Wicked Awesome, we don’t know what is! Congrats Natalie!

Congrats to Chelsea at Jake’s Grill & Oyster House for being Wicked Awesome!

Chelsea was nominated by diners who said she was extremely deserving of a nomination. They described her as friendly, attentive and very helpful with menu choices. They said their beverages and meals were brought to the table exactly as ordered, with the menu changes they asked for.

“It was a great dinner out thanks to Chelsea. We would definitely ask for her to be our server again!!”

Keep up the great work Chelsea!

She’s Wicked Awesome! It was our pleasure to present Jackie from The Dickens (but also seen at other URG restaurants) with this coveted award. Sponsor, Peter Vandyk, from PV&V Insurance was on hand to do the presentation. Jackie is a Manager at The Dickens and is definitely awesome said her nominee. If you’re lucky enough, Jackie will serve you and goes above and beyond to make sure your dining experience is a good one. She makes great recommendations and by the time you leave, you’ve got a new friend. Congrats to Jackie!

Winner Alex holding prize pack and wearing mask

Congratulations to Alex at District Kitchen & Bar in Aldershot who is Wicked Awesome! A customer nominated Alex after saying she served them at lunch and was super friendly and attentive. “She made great recommendations and gave great descriptions of the new menu items at District. It’s a whole new menu there and wasn’t sure what to get, but Alex highlighted some of the faves and they were all great choices!” Alex was on top of refills and clearing dishes and just made the whole dining experience a good one. Thanks Alex for being Wicked Awesome!

If you’ve been to Lochside Bar & Lounge in Downtown Burlington and had Michelle serve you, then you know she is Wicked Awesome! Friendly from the minute you sit down, she is attentive and super personable. She goes out of her way to make sure your visit is a good one. Always smiling (behind her mask) she definitely makes you feel welcome and lets you enjoy your meal at your pace. She’s quick with the refills and anything else you may require to ensure your dining experience is a good one. Keep up the great work Michelle and thanks for being Wicked Awesome!

Congrats to Hope at Pintoh in Downtown Burlington for being Wicked Awesome! She was nominated by a customer who said she was very bubbly and provided excellent service. She said Hope’s great service made their rare date night out more special! Now that is Wicked Awesome – way to go Hope!

Another Wicked Awesome Server in Burlington is Omar from Joe Dog’s in Downtown Burlington. Omar was nominated by a customer who said he is always so kind, and he has a permanent smile (even behind the mask!). They said he always makes you feel welcome and provides the best service. He is great to talk to as well and they are always glad to have a conversation with Omar. Congrats Omar and keep up the great work!

If you’ve dined at the Queens Head in Downtown Burlington then you know Amanda and you know she is wicked awesome! She was nominated by a co-worker who said Amanda is a huge part of many people’s lives having worked at the Queens Head for 20+ years. She always goes above and beyond in her service and treats everyone in such a special way. When she returns from trips to the UK she brings back treats to share with all. She never hesitates to work double shits, take an extra shift, stay late or start early. Her coworker says she has never seen such passion in a job and that she is well loved by everyone she comes in contact with. That is Wicked Awesome – congrats Amanda!

She’s Wicked Awesome! Congrats to Toni at Sotiris another Wicked Awesome Server right here in Burlington. Toni was nominated by a customer who said Toni makes you feel like family when she serves you. “She makes you feel special and like you are the only one in the restaurant. She never gets our order wrong and never has to write anything down”. Toni makes us want to dine at Sotiris and we always try to have her as our server. Congrats Toni!

Congrats to Gabby from Lola Choco Bar & Cafe in Village Square in Downtown Burlington. Gabby makes customers feel welcome and brings a smile to their face. She is always making conversation with customers and is warm and inviting. She is a hard worker who is constantly looking for ways to improve the services offered. Gabby was described as going above and beyond for customers and her fellow colleagues. We think that’s Wicked Awesome!

This week we found ourselves at Starbucks at 3497 Fairview Street to present to Patryk for being Wicked Awesome! Patryk was nominated by a customer who was in the drive-thru and she said Patryk was super friendly and provided great service. She said he put a smile on her face that lasted well into the evening. That my friends, is Wicked Awesome! Congrats Patryk!

Congrats to Kathryn from Pier 53 for being Wicked Awesome! Kathryn was nominated by a customer who said: “Kathryn is friendly, knowledgeable and incredibly hardworking. She always has a smile on her face (even behind the mask) and remembers our favourites and special diet accommodations. She greets us by name whenever we visit. We truly appreciate her!” Thanks for being Wicked Awesome Kathryn!

He is Wicked Awesome! We presented the award to Colin at Paradiso Restaurant in Downtown Burlington this week. Colin was nominated by customers who said he is always friendly and helpful and provides amazing service. He makes great recommendations and even remembers their fave orders. His great service helps make them enjoy their dining experience more. Congrats Colin and thanks for being Wicked Awesome!

Congratulations to Amanda from Cora’s Appleby. Amanda was nominated by a guest who said they used to be served by Amanda at a restaurant close to their home, but when she left to go to Cora’s, they followed her, even though it’s a 20 minute drive as opposed to 5 minutes now. They said a server can make or break your dining experience and that Amanda has definitely made theirs great. They said she treats you like a good friend and is very attentive and bubbly. No matter how busy she is, she gives you the attention you need and makes you feel like you are her only customer. That is Wicked Awesome Service! Thanks Amanda for being Wicked Awesome!

This week we recognize Debbie from QB’s Sports Bar and thank her for being Wicked Awesome! Debbie was nominated by a customer who said she is always friendly, remembers them by name and often remembers their orders. She said Debbie always remains positive, even under pressure. Debbie is also a wife and Mom who keeps a smile on her face and makes guests feel welcome. Thanks Debbie for being Wicked Awesome!

Picture of winner, standing outside in black shirt and black mask holding prize pack of Nickelbrook beer

Congratulations to Sarah, a Wicked Awesome Server at Scaddabush Burlington. Sarah wears many hats at Scaddabush from take-out coordinator, host, bartender, where ever help is needed, Sarah is there and happy to help. Sarah is also a full time student maintaining an A average. She has worked the entire pandemic and although she’s had to make some of her own sacrifices, she has remained reliable and positive. Sarah is friendly and helpful with customers and the nominee says she is a wonderful part of the Burlington community. Congrats Sarah and thanks for being Wicked Awesome!

Andrea is another Wicked Awesome Server award recipient. Andrea works at Halibut House at Appleby and New Street and was nominated by a customer who described her as friendly and who provides exceptional service. He said she builds a connection with every customer that comes in, creating a neighbourhood feel to the restaurant. Andrea welcomes everyone with a smile no matter how busy they are and has remained positive and friendly the past year despite the hardships.

Congratulations to Megan from Boon Burger, another Wicked Awesome Server. Megan was nominated by the Owner as he said she has worked full time hours during the entire pandemic and has been pregnant (due at the end of June). She is always available, always has a smile, a helping hand and always living and breathing the Boon values. Congratulations Megan and thanks for being Wicked Awesome!

Female winner standing in front of studebaker sign with glasses and black mask holding winning certificate

Congratulations to Sara at Studebaker, another Wicked Awesome server! She was nominated by several diners who described her as ‘a ray of sunshine’ and always smiling and positive, even during these difficult days. Sara remembers guests when they return and makes them feel welcome and special. She also makes great recommendations that are always spot on. One guest said having Sara as your server makes going to Studebaker even more fun! Way to go Sara and thanks for being Wicked Awesome!

Winner holding certificate standing in front of Union Jack painting on the wall

We visited The Judge & Jury to present the Wicked Awesome Server award to Holly. Holly has worked at The Judge for years, started as a dishwasher and kitchen help, and worked her way up to hostess and server. The owner of The Judge & Jury says Holly is what he considers a very well rounded employee that you can plug into any situation and know the job will be done and done well. “We are blessed to have her at The Judge & Jury with us”. Congrats Holly and thanks for being Wicked Awesome!

female server wearing blue mask standing in restaurant holding award certificate and prize pack

This week we paid a visit to Mount Royal Family Restaurant to surprise Trish with the Wicked Awesome Server award. Trish was nominated by a customer who said Trish does everything needed except cook the meals. They said she is always friendly and engaging and can tell that she is smiling behind her mask. They commented that safety is important and that she will bring a meal out to your car if you prefer that. Thank you Trish for all you do and for your hard work and thank you for being Wicked Awesome!

Winner wearing mask and holding certificate behind the bar

Congratulations to Tess from Bar Culaccino, our winner this week. To say Tess has worked hard over the course of this pandemic is an understatement. She has been a huge part of the team at Culaccino and has helped them to push through during these difficult times. She always has a positive attitude and leaves each guest feeling welcomed and like family. Tess has been working alone and handling all the take-out orders and dine in customers (when allowed). Thanks for being Wicked Awesome Tess!

Winner Nicole holding prize pack and winner certificate

This week we are proud to congratulate Nicole from Rust Bistrobar for being Wicked Awesome! Nicole was nominated by a customer who said consistently and regardless of how hectic the restaurant may be, Nicole takes the time to stop at our table and check in, not only to see how our meal is but to ask us what’s going on in our lives and they have often seen her provide this same courtesy to other patrons as well.   Nicole represents a standard of excellence at Rust that exists amongst all its staff so please recognize her amazing attitude.

Server with mask holding prize pack

Congratulations to Robyn who is a server at The North Coal in Downtown Burlington. Robyn is a full-time teacher and works part time at The North Coal. We actually received several nominations for Robyn, all saying how friendly and personable she is. Robyn adheres to all safety protocols and makes her customers feel safe. She is attentive and professional and one diner stated she has incredible positive energy that can be felt when she connects with her customers. Congrats Robyn and thanks for being Wicked Awesome!

Photo of Elisa the server standing holding a certificate and Nickelbrook prize pack, she is wearing a mask

Our winner this week is Elisa, who is a server at Jacksons Landing and was nominated by her Manager. He said he has full trust that when she is working the guests will have a great experience, that she has a way of connecting with everyone she encounters to create memorable moments unique to each individual. He explained she takes ownership of the restaurant, and has a level of care & passion that is quite rare these days. She embodies what it means to be a Jacksons Landing server. He also stated she is one of the most responsible people he has ever met and that her responsibilities don’t end at work. She is also a single Mom who has had to balance work and family responsibilities throughout the pandemic. Thank you Elisa for being Wicked Awesome!

Lady holding up tshirt that says Wickedly awesome in front of studebaker sign

The first winner is Naomi, the owner of studebaker pub & diner. Naomi was nominated by a customer who recognized how over the past year Naomi and her husband have had to make changes in how they do business several times, but that she always had a smile on her face and that no matter how many hours she worked, she still made her customers feel appreciated. They quickly developed a curbside pick up and Naomi would bring your food out with a smile, allowing customers to stay in the car and feel safe. Thank you Naomi for being Wickedly Awesome!

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