Fall #TOB2021 at Lochside Bar & Lounge

Posted October 13, 2021by Guest Writer

Loch Side Bar & Lounge has the comforting flavours that feel like a warm hug.

Loch Side Bar & Lounge is one of the 29 restaurants participating in this fall’s Taste of Burlington Prix-Fixe Dining Event, presented by PV&V Insurance Centre Ltd. It’s a perfect location to enjoy the passersby while eating on the patio, overlooking a view of the lake lined by trees coloured with the hues of autumn.

The wonderful menu for this event was prepared by 33 year old Head Chef Megan Bernas who trained at Liaison College Oakville. Bernas has been the chef at Loch Side for the four years since the restaurant’s inception.

Q. What is the foundation for the dishes that you create for Loch Side?

“When creating the fall menu I try to incorporate flavours that are comforting, warm, hearty, and familiar. Maybe something that your mother would have made. I’d describe it as high-end comfort food with a little bit of something for everyone.

Owner Sukhi Shetra and his father-in-law Mohinder Singh originally opened this restaurant in the direction of authentic Scottish dishes. Listening to what the guests were looking for, they soon let the customer’s ideas guide our menu. We made some adjustments and now the menu includes three different curry dishes, some English mainstream offerings, and comfort foods.”

Q. What is your signature dish?

“I love making pastas with seafood. We have a pasta dish on the menu that we bring back every fall. The Shrimp & Goat Cheese Fettuccine; shrimp with sun-dried tomatoes in a truffle and goat cheese alfredo sauce that our guests really seem to enjoy.”

Q. Any final thoughts that you’d like to share about the restaurant?

“Absolutely. The owners are super involved. It’s important to them to have a family atmosphere. They’re just the most lovely people. The father-in-law comes in regularly and creates the Indian dishes. They’re honestly the most wonderful people to work for. I don’t have enough positive things to say about them. That’s obviously important to me and to the success of a restaurant. That’s why I love my job.”

Here are some of your lunch menu choices, which includes an appetizer, entree and dessert for $25 –

The brilliant colour of the beautiful Fried Quinoa & Halloumi Salad is so inviting. Those crouton-like pieces are actually fried Halloumi cheese bites! The combination of brisket, Yorkshire pudding and gravy in the Brisket Stuffed Yorkies tastes like a warm hug.

You haven’t lived until you try the Butter Chicken. The base is carrot, curry and herbs with a generous amount of chicken hiding within this light broth. I’m hooked! The Mushroom Brie Burger is 7oz of Angus beef smothered in melted brie and sauteed mushrooms, dripping with goodness. No, seriously.

You can’t go wrong with the light Oreo cheesecake on a smear of tangy black currant jam, topped with tiny chocolate balls that danced on the plate, or the velvety smooth chocolate mousse that possessed a pleasant hint of orange to finish your meal.

Service from Michele is fabulous. Not surprising since she recently received PV&V’s Wicked Awesome Server of the Week Award; an award recognizing exceptional employees in the area of hospitality in Burlington. For the first time Burlington Sound of Music and Taste of Burlington have come together to combine live entertainment with your dining experience. Check BSOM’s website for more details about Live Music Wednesdays.

Taste of Burlington’s fall event runs from October 4 – 24.

Check out the full details for participating restaurants on the blog, and about the prix-fixe menus offered with pricing on the Taste of Burlington website, along with information on upcoming live performances. Don’t forget to sign up for this season’s free Taste of Burlington Passport to qualify for giveaways throughout the event. Bon appetit!

Loch Side Bar & Lounge

1455 Lakeshore Road E , Burlington, L7S 2J1

(289) 337-3344



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