Walking up to Walkers Fish Market, you quickly realize that this is a destination on theme, and in a very elegant way. Just in the door we were feasting our eyes on an oyster bar, fawning over a wall of wine and soaking up the nautical accents in every direction.

There is an anecdote about our experience that I have to share with you, it put a big smile on my face. The best-dressed couple in the joint were a pair of 70 somethings, she in her floor length coral dress and he in his khakis and navy blue dinner jacket. They were seated and greeted by every member of the Walkers team that walked by, evidently regulars one server stopped and looked at the gentleman delivering a salute which he promptly returned. It was awesome and not rehearsed, but definitely a tradition of sorts. That is the kind of place Walkers Fish Market is, the staff care and a busy dining room was indicative of this. I am, evidently, not the first to notice this.

Our meal began with a glass of wine from their expansive wine list; I indulged in a Cabernet Sauvignon, and my guest a beer from Burlington. My guest is a lover of micro-brews and so this was a gold star highlight of his evening… well his evening so far. As I continue you will learn that with each course of night got better!

Course 1

Cup of Lobster Shrimp Bisque
A cup of creamy goodness, the fresh seafood flavours were undeniable. With bites of lobster and shrimp settling at the bottom of the bowl, we were literally digging in to indulge in each bite. The creamy flavours were balanced with the savoury seafood and a slight sweetness that made this soup a must repeat. One of the most delicious bisques I’ve tried.


Caesar Salad
A classic caesar that was made with the garlic lover in mind, this was a knock-out! Fresh crunchy lettuce was tossed in the creamy and delicious dressing, adorned with bacon and croutons. A fresh wedge of lemon squeezed overtop was the icing on the cake as it added the balancing citrus pop that resulted in not a bit left on the plate.


Course 2

Canadian Lobster Tail Dinner – Half pound Nova Scotian lobster roasted in lemon garlic butter, served with buttered asparagus and a baked potato
Fresh, delicious, beautifully presented… need I continue? Perhaps not, but the description of this mouthwatering dish is just beginning! The lobster was prepared with expert skill and each bite was better than the one before. The garlic butter was used liberally because it was oh so good. Served alongside a baked potato topped with sour cream and scallion, the delicious just didn’t end. Veggies steamed on the side were privy to the dripped butter… oh my. An incredible main that not only tasted good but with the presentation being so divine, made you feel pretty special!

Grilled Bacon Wrapped Beef Tenderloin with a rich cremini mushroom and caramelized onion demi glaze served with summer vegetables and a baked potato
This was not your average beef tenderloin. A cut of meat that was evidently of exceptional quality, the meat was rich, tender, juicy and wrapped in bacon. Come on! The demi glaze paired impeccably with the steak and featured tender caramelized onions and quartered porcini mushrooms. Yum. The potato was served identically to the one that accompanied the lobster, and was just as delicious and well matched with this meal. Market vegetables brought the brightness to the dish with sweet peppers, crunchy green beans and more! Overall, a decadent treat!

Course 3

Apple Crisp
The title of this dessert in no way does it justice. Warm apples baked with cinnamon and caramel beneath a crispy crumble topping full of oats and brown sugar and more… wow. As if that wasn’t enough, there is a layer of melted caramel drizzled atop the crumble and then a big scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Separately, all of these things are delicious. With the warmth of the crisp, it all started to melt and the ice cream and caramel infused the apple crisp with sweet cream and gooey goodness. It is sinfully good.

Frozen Key Lime Pie
On the recommendation of our server, Debbie, the frozen key lime pie was ordered. It did not disappoint. The key lime on top is otherworldly, a frozen citrus heaven of sorts. And as a lover of a good graham crust, my eyes were hungry as this arrived to the table. The light and bright flavour of the lime was sweet with a hint of sour and the graham crust was again, sweet, but with a hint of salty. Oh man, I couldn’t stop! This was a great end to a delicious meal. Debbie, your recommendation was spot on!

Our dining experience at Walker’s Fish Market was amazing. A warm and welcoming environment, we felt like we had entered the East Coast upon entry. With staff going above and beyond and happy diners throughout the restaurant, there was seemingly a new reason to return with each element of our experience. The dining crowd ranged in age from around 12 years of age, all the way up to seniors who were enjoying a night on the town. We will return to this location and I cannot say enough for how much we enjoyed our dinner.