Pepperwood Bistro Beerfest


Blue Dinghy Pop Up Kitchen Series at Nickel Brook Brewery

Friday Feb. 24th
“Art in Food”
Tickets $75

This night will be an exploration of cuisine as a form of art. From techniques, to plating and on to experience. You will be tasting some new and some past ingredients, in all new and enjoyable ways, as we strive to aid you to redefine your perception of “Art in Food” while seated in the breweries bottling room.

Each course will be accompanied by beverage pairings that are both complimentary and outside the traditional choices. Live music and visual art will also be complimenting the dining experience.

Saturday Feb. 25th
“Rustic Elegance”
Tickets $75

Viva la Red Canoe! This night will be both an homage and evolution of Red Canoe Bistro. And I am very excited by the guest collaborator for this night. Joining me will be Red Canoe’s original opening day sous chef Phil Lalonde now of Sweet Sage and Smoke. We will be teaming up for the first time in nearly 5 years to create this once-in-a-lifetime dining experience.

Two Chef’s, working as one, to create one incredible night. The pairings for the night will be in fitting Red Canoe style of classic pairings with a twist. A mood setting soundscape and artistic displays are also being developed specifically for this event which will be taking place primarily in the breweries bottling room.

Saturday Mar. 4th
“Cirque du Cuisine”
Tickets $90

Imagine a carefully curated night of fine art, music, wine, food and libations all designed to make an incredible, memorable, multi-sensory dining experience!

Our special guest collaborator for the night will be the very talented Stephanie Brewster (Chopped Canada’s episode One Winner) of Oakville’s brand new critically acclaimed Fuego Tapas Bar. Alongside myself and team Topowe’s culinary team, we will be preparing an elaborate display of fine tapas. In addition, Patrick Beatty of Reso 86 will be bringing his trend setting modernist bartending skills to a new level.

You wont want to miss this night which will also include the incredible craft beers of Nickel Brook Brewery, live music, and artistic creations being made as you watch all spread throughout the brewery.

Paradiso Winemaker’s Dinner

March 2, 2017

Call for reservations